Rotary District 6110  -  2011 District Conference

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Friday Opening Plenary Session

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RI Representative Cathy Smith

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Leadership Opportunities

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John D. Williams DG 2012-2013

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House of Friendship (HOF)

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More HOF

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Rotary Signature Scavenger Hunt was fun!

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Nice things for sale from Paul Wise

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Ed Hardesty explains the new grant model

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Tom Martin Major Gifts Officer

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Clay & Debi Langley Major Donor Honor

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Lewis Epley Major Donor

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Up on Stage Perfumes & Colognes!

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Sgt-at-Arms ready for duty!

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Lunch is ready

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Official voting delegates

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Jazzy music

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Ron Harris with his powerful message

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Ellis Potter explains the Leadership Academy

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Meet the teachers!

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Fred Heismeyer got us motivated!

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Happy attendees

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Don Walker and Alexander the Great!

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Fantastic project!

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colorful yet tasteful

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Smiles all around

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Lovely evening

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Ambassadorial Scholar Julia

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Julia is very talented!

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Men of Note

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Behind the scenes

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Men of Note

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RI Representative Cathy Smith

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Memorial service procession

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Dave Baker talks with Paul Harris

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Scripture reading

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Names announced

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More scavenger hunt fun

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Hard at work?

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What did he do?????

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Just ask Steve Curley

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Harris McKee says check out the district website

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Chris Lewis

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Youth in Action

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RYLA camp activity demo

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Rotarians in Action

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Scavenger hunt action

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Great looking group!

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Youth Panel Discussions

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YE Youth and Flags

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Eat dessert first!

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A full house

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Sean Kouplen

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Moment of suspense!

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The winner is.....Al Dickson of Claremore Reveille Club

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Shoes for Orphan Souls

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Dictionary presentation class with Bill & Betty Prentice

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Saturday afternoon football

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From the Muskogee Club:
Kelvin Brown and Lynsie Laughlin

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Billy Sims BBQ!

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Very tasty!

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Wallace with a recap of his year as DG

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Some good stories

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Sunday breakfast

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